Abstract Gallery

Current abstract pieces for sale

Contact me at artpactful@gmail.com for more information, details or to see any pieces in person.

$695; Framed 32"x50"; Mixed Media.
Come see at the Gallery Underground Juried Show "Unleashed" in August. https://galleryunderground.org/
Wisterly Way
Framed; Acrylic; $735
Gleefully Golden
Framed; Acrylic; $625
Winter's Grasp
Framed; Mixed Media; $625
SOLD- Night in Shining Armour
37.5" x 48.5" - Acrylic; Framed; See in person this September at the Clarendon Gallery at 2800 Clarendon Blvd
Stream of Consciousness
36" x 48:; Mixed media (acrylic and wall paint); unframed; $425
SOLD - One Fine Day
36 x 48 Framed; Acrylic; $495
SOLD - Purple Haze
37" x 49"; Mixed media; Framed - matte grey; $595
SOLD - Plight of the BumbleBee
36" x 48"; Acrylic; framed; $695
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